Aetna Capital Management offers a number of benefits to potential clients, including:

  • Products and services that provide customized solutions for institutions along with a retail-oriented fund that offers lower investment minimums, more desirable tax reporting and a lower eligibility threshold. 
  • A proven, live track record dating back to December 2000.
  • The ability to invest alongside Aetna’s nearly $650 million allocation to our funds.
  • A senior investment team with extensive experience in the industry that has not experienced any turnover in the past five years.
  • The knowledge that our firm offers clients the same institutional care whether they have invested $50,000 or $30 million in our funds.
  • The ability to work with a firm that is committed to 100% manager transparency for all investors, and one that works collaboratively with our clients.
  • The flexibility of choosing between one of a number of major custodians to serve as a clearing firm for our products, or simply choosing to invest directly.